Aaron Eichler is the founder of a management business consultants firm in Minnetonka, Minnesota named Strategic Consulting. As a consultant, Aaron Eichler provides customized solutions to improve his clients’ businesses from growth strategies to financing assistance and everything in between.

business consultant brings guidance and a quality plan to assist business owners. A business consultant assists in terms of financials, marketing, and use of technology to clients who need help organizing and streamlining their business’s focus. As a guide, the consultant does not tell owners what to do. Instead, they provide valuable advice. By developing strategies specific to the field, owners learn more about positively changing the company and making good decisions.

Business consultants develop a business plan that contains concrete and measurable goals for the company. Common goals developed from this type of plan include sales target or customer base growth goals. Using this information, the consultant can assess the company against the greater market and pass this information on to the owner.


How Do Business Consultants Help Companies Achieve Their Goals?

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A Few Benefits of Hiring a Strategy business consultants

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Aaron Eichler holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics from Macalester College, as well as a master of business administration in strategy and entrepreneurial management from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. In 2017, Aaron Eichler founded Strategic Consulting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he serves as managing director

Strategic Consulting provides a range of business consulting services to help clients and organizations identify areas of weakness and improve performance. Often, a consultant can provide an outside perspective that can generate new ideas and direction for a firm, increasing overall efficiency and profitability. The ideal strategy consultant should have strong knowledge of the client’s specific market and industry best practices in order to make specific recommendations.

Specifically, a strategy consultant might review systems and processes to identify potential improvements, or conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine areas for growth. The consultant might also provide clear guidance for how to expand product offerings, reorganize for cost savings, or extend a market footprint.

A Minnesota business owner from Minnetonka, Aaron Eichler is founder and managing director of Strategic Consulting, where he advises organizations regarding growth strategies, operational efficiencies, and increasing business value. Outside of managing the firm, Aaron Eichler supports environmental causes such as The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that works toward creating a world where nature and humans can flourish.

In January, Massachusetts was the first state to recognize the vital role that nature plays in addressing climate change through legislation, according to an article published on The Nature Conservancy website. The bill known as the Next Generation Roadmap for 2050 was enacted as a movement in addressing the most critical issues in climate change.

The bill’s main points focus on three areas, beginning with setting a limit for net zero greenhouse gas emissions for 2050 and a reduction in emissions across all sectors. The plan will also involve the state transitioning away from fossil fuels by decarbonizing the economy.

Another major part of the bill will tackle removing carbon in the environment by using natural climate solutions, for example, protecting, restoring, and managing wetlands, farms, and forests. According to The Nature Conservancy, Massachusetts has the potential to remove 947,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year using 262,000 acres of available land (corridors, floodplains, cropland, forests, grassy areas, pastures, and urban spaces).

The bill reflects more than the state’s willingness to correct (and reduce) the environmental consequences of climate change, but it also reflects an understanding that nature itself is the one agent that can drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, natural climate strategies offer the state a low-cost and powerful way to restore the environment.

Massachusetts - First to Recognize Nature’s Role in Climate Change

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Saving the Restaurant Industry

A business consultant from Minnetonka, Minnesota, Aaron Eichler is the founder of Strategic Consulting. As a business consultant, Aaron Eichler counsels businesses on strategy to help maximize a company’s earning and growth potential.

In 2020, many of the businesses in the restaurant industry were forced to adopt different strategies to survive. Whether it meant employees changing roles to remain employed or completely rearranging the establishment to accommodate the new social distancing policies, many restaurateurs found themselves in a position to come up with solutions quickly.

One way that many restaurants managed to remain afloat was to change their menus by focusing primarily on popular food items. At the same time, restaurants depleted existing items and refrained from purchasing new items that had a low shelf-life and required a lot of labor. Another strategy involved completely dropping certain food items. Owners had to take into consideration which foods traveled best in containers.

Restaurants also transformed their entire menus to target a particular group of people. For example, one restaurant transitioned into cooking Vietnamese food, and another chose to turn their buffet-style format into one that delivers comfort foods.

Finally, one high-end restaurant survived by offering meals for less $40. In fact, high-end restaurants fared the worst because tasting menus typically cost more than traditional ones, but this was one way to hold onto customers.